Rossini a Bologna, exhibition held at the Sale dei Carrati of the Accademia Filarmonica and the Archiginnasio of Bologna (on the occasion of the events for Bologna as a European Capital of Culture (29 February-1 April 2000).

Video interview (E' Tv)Luigi Ferrari, Marina Deserti e Luigi Verdi alla presentazione della mostra Rossini a Bologna (2000 Foto Gnani)
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PRESENTATION: Bologna, Stabat Mater
Lecture Room at the Archiginnasio, 26 February 2000.



Gli anni di studio (1799-1812)
I grandi successi (1812-1822)
Il primo matrimonio (1822-1829)
Tra Bologna e Parigi (1829-1838)
Gli anni d’oro del soggiorno bolognese (1838-1845)
Il secondo matrimonio (1845-1848)
L’addio (1848-1851)
Rossini e Bologna

Il secondo matrimonio di Gioacchino Rossini

Mostra Rossini a BolognaThe exhibition “Rossini a Bologna”, promoted by the Accademia Filarmonica of Bologna to celebrate one of the most prestigious men in the city, will be opened on 29 February 2000, on the 50th leap year anniversary of the birth of the famous composer, born on 29 February 1792. The exhibition will be partly set at the Accademia Filarmonica an partly at the Archiginnasio, so as to invite the visitor to a sort of Rossinian path under the arcades of Bologna. Infact, after a visit to the first section of the exhibition, at the Sale dei Carrati of the Accademia Filarmonica in Via Guerrazzi 13, the visitors will have the opportunity of passing near the famous palaces lived in by Rossini: Casa Varrini (Via Santo Stefano 57) where the maestro completed his Stabat Mater (1840-1846), Palazzo Sanguinetti (in Strada Maggiore 34) where Rossini had a room in his late Bolognese years (1846-1851) and finally the very famous Casa Rossini (Strada Maggiore 26), purchased by the maestro in 1823 and then sold in 1839; after one stop in front of the Music Conservatoire (Piazza Rossini 2), the seat of the Musical Lycée where the great musician accomplished his studies (1806-1809) and then returned as a honourary consultant (1839-1848, there is  finally  the Archiginnasio, in Piazza Galvani 1, where in 1842 the memorable performance of the Stabat Mater took place. Particular thanks are to dr. Pierangelo Bellettini, director of the Archiginnasio of Bologna, since he has permitted the use of the prestigious and historical rooms of the Upper  Quadriloggiato tolodge the second section of the exhibition. Particular thanks are to the exhibition editor, Maestro Luigi Verdi, who has effectively arranged the various stages of the Rossinian staying in our city, and at the same time has arranged for this catalogue, which I hope will be a very useful tool for all those who are keen on great Rossini. In sending the catalogue of the exhibition “Rossini a Bologna” for printing, I finally wish to thank Patron publishing home who have published it, the Fondazione Rossini  in Pesaro and all institutions and the private citizens who have permitted the reproduction of the documents mentioned.


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