Rossini a Bologna, Note documentarie. On the occasion of the exhibition 'Rossini a Bologna', Pŕtron, Bologna 2000, 185 pp.

Il Resto del Carlino, 27 febbraio 2000 (Luca Orsi).
Musica e Scuola, XIV, 16, 2000, p. 17 (Piero Mioli).

rossini-catalogoThe name of Gioacchino Rossini, the very famous and celebrated composer all over the world, is indissolubly linked to the city of Bologna, where he studied and lived most part of his life. With the promotion of the exhibition Rossini a Bologna” (29 February- 1 April 2000), the Accademia Filarmonica intends to render homage to this extraordinary musician. The exhibition includes about 600 documents arranged chronologically  in 116 panels, and is set partly at the Accademia Filarmonica, partly at the Archiginnasio in Bologna. It consists of 8 sections:
At the Accademia Filarmonica:
The years of study (1799-1812) panels 1-19. The great successes (1812-1822) panels 20-30. The first marriage (1822-1829) panels 31-41. Between Bologna and Paris (1829-1838) panels 42-53.
At the Archiginnasio:
The golden years of the Bolognese staying (1838-1845) panels 54-85. The second marriage (1845-1848) panels 86-95. The farewell (1848-1851) panels 96-102. Rossini and Bologna panels 103-116.
The exhibition, which is particularly exhaustive and detailed, goes over the various stages of Rossini’s presence in Bologna by means of  letters, musical manuscripts, drawings, prints and photographs, so as to give a manifold overall view. All around Rossini there is a wide group of characters, from his parents Anna Guidarini and Giuseppe Rossini, to his teachers, in particular stern Father Mattei, from his two wives, whimsical Isabella Colbran and austere Olimpia Pélissier, to the many friends of his, noblemen, musicians and simple citizens. The personality of Rossini, an emblematic figure of that time, takes shape from his extraordinary human peak, from his  early astonishing successes to his sudden abandonment of composition when he was only 38 years old. Yet, the true protagonist of the exhibition is Bologna, with its history, its palaces, its streets, its people, in a troubled transition period going from the rise of Napoleon Bonaparte to the unity of Italy.
The exhibition catalogue faithfully reproduces the list of the documents shown and the captions accompanying them, so as to be of useful reference even for all those who have not had the opportunity of visiting the exhibition personally. The explanatory notes have necessarily been reduced to the essential, but the readers who are interested will find there all bibliographical indications for any closer research.

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