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Aleksandr Nikolaevič Skrjabin

Aleksandr Nikolaevic Skrjabin (1872-1915) is the Russian composer who best represents the longing for renewal in the European musical culture on the threshold of the First World War and of the October Revolution. He was not only a brilliant composer, but also an original and prolific thinker, a fascinating and provocative personality, a careful observer and emblematic witness to his age. The volume thinks back over the fundamental stages in the composer’s life and analyzes the grounds of his aesthetic and musical thought, from his early unfinished work to his “philosophical reflexions”, from the Poem of Ecstasy to the esoteric revelation of Prometheus, from his synaesthetic experience to the utopic attempt to blend all arts and all human experiences in the great Mystery, which remained unfinished. In dealing from many perspectives with poetic world of this singular personality, the book highlights Skrjabin’s works, not only in terms of evolution of the musical language, but also of renewal of the concept of art, and it is provided with the composer’s main poetic texts. INDEX



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