Music in Bologna, musicians in Bologna.
Pantheon bolognese 1997, illustrative notes to the programme, Bologna , Accademia Filarmonica, 24 pp. 

Pantheon bolognese 1997
Pantheon bolognese is a music festival dedicated to the most relevant protagonists of musical culture in Bologna, who were born or studied and operated there. A festival dedicated to celebrated, less famous or unjustly forgotten authors, who in any case have always been closely linked to the city. The performance of the works is mostly  entrusted to musicians of Bolognese origin. The opening concert is dedicated to Alfeo Gigli (1907-1994), composer and philosopher with a many-sided  fascinating personality . There will follow a concert of music for mandolin and harpsichord by  18th century philarmonic adademic composers, who are little known today but  were significant in the artistic panorama of their age. After a piano concert with music by Antonio Belletti, a primary character in the Bolognese musical life of the early 20th century, by Luigi Ferrari-Trecate, Chairman of the Accademia Filarmonica of Bologna from 1955 to 1964, and by Francesco Vatielli, who had been libriarian at the Musical Lycée for forty years (1906-1946), there will follow an event dedicated to the composers who followed one after the other at the direction of the Bologna Conservatoire (ex- Musical Lycée) between 1915 and 1965, among whom Alfano, Nordio, Guerrini, Desderi and Liviabella. The next event, a homage to composer Adone Zecchi, recently deceased, will have the participation of some of the most prestigious Bolognese musicians in an exceptional concert. The sixth concert of the Festival is dedicated to the repertoire of the Bolognese philarmonic academic pianists of the 1800s, with music by Corticelli, Dohler and Fumagalli, while the following concert will be by the Ensemble Respighi in Bologna performing music by academic composers of various ages. The Festival will closes with a concert dedicated to the Bolognese piano school of the 1800s, with music by Golinelli, Rossini and Martucci.

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