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Pantheon bolognese 1998, illustrative notes to the programme, Bologna, Accademia Filarmonica, 24 pp.

Review: Alla Ribalta, maggio-giugno 1998 (Alberto Spano)

Pantheon bolognese 1998
Pantheon bolognese is a music festival dedicated to the most relevant protagonists of musical culture in Bologna, who were born or studied and operated there. A festival dedicated to celebrated, less famous or unjustly forgotten authors, who in any case have always been closely linked to the city. The performance of the works is mostly  entrusted to musicians of Bolognese origin.
After the success of 1997 edition, this year Pantheon bolognese  proposes eight concerts. The Festival will open with an event dedicated to chamber lyrics on texts by Giovanni Pascoli, with music by two of  the most representative authors of 1900s Bologna, Adolfo Gandino and Enzo Masetti. The following concert will propose music by Bolognese philarmonic academic composers of 1600s and 1700s such as Banchieri, Cazzati, Vitali, Degli Antonii, Corelli, Floquet. Etienne Floquet, a French composer whose 250th birth anniversary falls in 1998, was one of Father Martini’s pupils in Bologna, and was opposed to Gluck by his contemporaries. There will follow a concert as a homage to the school of Luigi Mancinelli, director of the Musical Lycée in Bologna from 1881 to 1886, during which music by two of his most famous pupils, Giacomo Orefice and Felice Boghen, will be performed. Among the next concerts, it is worth while mentioning a piano concert with music by Mugellini, Spagnoli, Ricci-Signorini, Salviati and Rosa, and the one with chamber lyrics by Respighi, Caffarelli and Gigli, all prominent characters of musical Bologna. Another event will be dedicated to Bolognese composer Ghinolfo Dattari’s (1540-1617) music, among which stand out the  3,4 and 5 voice Villanelle, typical compositions of musical Bologna in the second half of 16th century. On the occasion of the opening of the concert season at the Accademia Filarmonica and of the inauguration of the Centro Studi Farinelli in Bologna, there will follow a concert dedicated to the famous 18th century singer Carlo Broschi, called Farinelli, who used to live in a magnificent villa outside Porta Lame, then pulled down, in Bologna. The concert will be followed by a study meeting during which the project for the restorations of Farinelli’s grave, recently located at the Certosa in Bologna, will be presented. Finally, particular interest will arouse the vocal concert with music by Stefano Gobatti, a composer who, with his opera “I Goti”, performed as an absolute prèmiere at the Teatro Comunale in Bologna in 1873, met with one of the greatest successes in the history of opera: reproposing the music of “I Goti” today is certainly one event of great cultural interest.

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