Considerazioni sulla musica “ex-contemporanea” , in “Atti del Convegno una riforma incompiuta. Gli studi musicali al bivio” SidAM – Istituto Musicale Achille Peri, Reggio Emilia 7-8 ottobre 2005.

Nowadays it is possible to see that “today’s composers” are again interested in harmony, intended as numerical relations.  Even if we are attracted by this fascinating and mysterious numerical and combinatorial idea of harmony, this can’t be considered but a method through which developing a more articulated and qualitative consideration of single phenomena. The ‘dream’ that some scientific laws could give birth to proceedings able to build sound structures has always stimulated the composers’ fantasy. However, this interesting perspective has always proved to be utopian, given a capital difference between science and art; science does not have to express anything, it only has to explain, art does not have to explain anything, it only has to express.


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