Music in Disney films, in "Music for social occasions", The 21th Slovenian  Music Days (21-23 giugno 2006)  Ljubljana, Slovenija, pp.220-228.

Music in Walt Disney’s films has largely influenced popular musical culture, a great deal more than one could imagine. After the world-wide success of Disney’s motion pictures, which has remained all over the years – even if continuously renewed thanks also to the relatively recent diffusion of Home Videos – the easy and communicative music of these films has spread unequalled in the field of popular music. Since Disney’s motion pictures were originally devoted to a children’s public, they also took on a strong pedagogical and emotional value. Besides, the lack of ideological connotations favoured the rooting of these music in all geographical contexts and social and cultural groups, gaining a truly popular connotation.
However, the names of the composers of such famous scores remained unknown to most people, thus confirming the frequent paradox that the names of the composers of the most world-wide famous scores are often unknown.
Immediately before the Second World War, there was the pioneering phase of Disney’s cartoon motion pictures, with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (David Hand, 1937) and Pinocchio (Hamilton Luske, Ben Sharpsteen, 1940), both with Leigh Harline’s scores and lyrics by Ned Washington. In 1941 Harline left the Disney Studios and his place at the Music Department was taken by Frank Churchill, who had already worked with him in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs with the orchestrator Paul J. Smith.

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