Aspetti delle cultura musicale contemporanea. Alcuni casi emblematici (Aspects of contemporary musical culture. Some typical cases), in L’Arte innocente. Le vie eccentriche della musica contemporanea italiana, a cura di Renzo Cresti, Rugginenti, Milano 2004, pp.241-48.

Mario Cesa, Gianpaolo Coral, Nicola Cisternino, Gianvincenzo Cresta, Fernando Mencherini, Gianfranco Pernaiachi, Biagio Putignano are important figures in the field of Italian contemporary music. Their paths are rather different, but they all share a strong strain in the search of their own expressing tools.
Today more than in the past, composers are completely free to investigate fields related to their personal history, attitudes and inner world. In this way, today many composers tend to circumscribe their activity within ritual rules and behaviours which they codify and justify themselves from time to time. Composers give priority to aspects considered the most relevant, either writing or texture, logics, gestural expressiveness, instrumental,  experimental and theatrical aspects, electronics,  or recovery of some past; composing processes which may be essential for some of them may be incomprehensible or impracticable for others.
The individual becomes an artist in order to satisfy particular expressing needs; as there are many specific sets of inner needs and many different ways to express them, each artist develops one individual style, where one’s own experiences have a fundamental role. Thus, composers set more or less consciously limits where to express personality and behave consistently with these assumptions, developing and cultivating some operating choices which are in tune with their own expressing needs and neglecting others.

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