Del musico Antonio Maria Bernacchi nel 250° della morte, in  "Un anno per tre filarmonici di rango: Perti, Martini e Mozart" a cura di Piero Mioli, Bologna, Pàtron 2008, pp.125-46.

Antonio Bernacchi died in via Galliera in Bologna at the home of Gaetano Berselli (“a spice seller / apothecary grown rich thanks to the contract work on alum, and dead on 10 October 1770 in Civitavecchia”), which is at today’s address, via Galliera n.15 (formerly 485). In the Archivio Generale Arcivescovile (Archiepiscopal General Archives), which keeps Bologna’s certificates of Baptism, Antonio Bernacchi’s certificate of Baptism has been found:
This documents tells that Bernacchi had been born on 21 June and not on 23 June 1685, as it goes as his official birth date in all enciclopaedias, according to Frati’s notes. According to this document, the building where Bernacchi was born would be located in the Parish of San Martino della Croce dei Santi (also known as San Martino dell’Aposa or San Martino Maggiore, in via dello Spirito Santo 1355, today via Val d’Aposa 13), and his Baptism’s godmother and godfather would be two important people within the most renowned Bolognese noble families: senator Marquis Tommaso Campeggi and Argia Fava Ghisilieri; hence, Bernacchi might have come from one well-off or high-located family.
In order to commemorate Bernacchi, the Centro Studi Farinelli has proposed to affix a memorial tablet on the façade of the building where the great singer died in via Galliera 15, which today belongs to Padusa s.p.a. The administration of the building has welcomed the proposal to affix the memorial tablet bearing the following text:

 HERE On 16 march 1756 DIED Antonio bernacchi, /source of pride and honour to the bolognese singing school / he travelled throughout european theatres and courts / wherever acclaimed / in BOLOGNA HE HAD A LARGE CROWD OF PUPILS / AMONG WHOM GREAT FARINELLI / AND GREAT TENOR ANTON RAAF / THE CENTRO STUDI FARINELLI / ON HIS 250TH DEATH ANNIVERSARY


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