Harmonic Spaces in Skrjabin's Late Music, in " Journal of The Scriabin Society of America”, Vol.9, No.1, Winter 2004-2005, pp. 100-106.

The late Skrjabin's harmonic spaces are substantially based upon a French-sixth harmony, where melodic figurations tending more and more to an augmented triad superpose. This is evident all over Guirlandes, where the left hand articulates tritone chords while the right hand works out figurations with persisting use of augmented triads. With the elaboration and the development of these elements, Skrjabin had already come to use all the twelve pc of  chromatic collection around 1910.
The theorical implications of Skrjabin's harmonic system are nowadays being studied by researchers. Infact, if the analysis of melodic and voice-leading movements among the different harmonic spaces is inquired into by means of neo-riemannian operations, the analysis of harmonic structures arisen from the use of these spaces is subject of deep analysis particularly by the most advanced research on set-theory.

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