Rise and decline of  Bolognese composer Stefano Gobatti,  on the 150th anniversary of his birth, in “Il Carrobbio"XXVIII, Bologna, Pàtron, 2002, pp.211-16.

La tomba di Stefano Gobatti alla Certosa di Bologna
If nowadays composer Stefano Gobatti seems to be  scarcely known, however, around 1870 he met with a period of great fame, when  his first opera I Goti was staged on its first prémière at the Teatro Comunale of Bologna on 30 November 1873 and received such enthusiastic welcome to be remembered by historians as one of the most resounding successes of the whole history of serious opera.
Stefano Gobatti was born in Bergantino ( today in the province of Rovigo) in 1852; after his success with I Goti, he was conferred the  honorary Bolognese citizenship, which had only been conferred to composers Giuseppe Verdi (1867) and Richard Wagner (1872) before him.
Only few days had passed from the triumphal prémière of I Goti, when the junta of the Commune of  Bologna welcomed the proposal of the Communal Council to name Gobatti as an honorary citizen of Bologna. The Acts of the junta dating to 8 December 1873 are as follows:
“It seems to councillor Albicini that if Bologna cannot boast the young maestro’s musical paternity, as a matter of fact it was a Bolognese maestro
[1]  who taught him the first rudiments of this art, and it was on the Teatro Comunale stage that he met with the splendid triumph of his first work; thereafter he thinks it seemly for the Commune,  in order also to fulfill the engagement taken in the Council and to encourage Gobatti to continue along a path so satisfactorily started,  to confer him this honorary title. Councillors Mrs Tacconi and Berti propose to submit the Council with the honorary citizenship; this proposal is put to the vote and is unanimously approved by the junta.” [2]  
The Communal Council of Bologna  met on 19 December 1873 and on that occasion deliberated to confer the honorary citizenship to Stefano Gobatti, who at the time was only 21 years old.

[1] Giuseppe Busi.
[2] Archivio Storico del Comune di Bologna, Atti della Giunta comunale, 8 dicembre 1873, Prot. 11667, o.d.g. 1141.

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