Slavia Festival 1994, illustrative notes to the programme, Bologna, Accademia Filarmonica, 24 pp.

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Slavia Festival 1994Under the patronage of the Comune di Bologna, with the join effort of the Associazione Giovanile Musicale and the Associazione Italia-Russia, the Accademia Filarmonica of Bologna organizes a festival under the name of “Festival Musicale Slavia”, with the aim of promoting a wider knowledge of the great musical heritage from Eastern Europe. All concerts will take place in the Sala Mozart of the Accademia Filarmonica of Bologna in via Guerrazzi 13. On the whole, five concerts will be performed, several conferences will be held by musicologists experts on the specific historical period and a Competition in Musical Analysis upon the theme “La Sonata Pianistica in Russia e in Ucraina nel periodo 1890-1930” (The Piano Sonata in Russia and Ukraina in the period 1890-1930) is promoted by the above mentioned association Italy-Russia together with the Accademia Filarmonica and the A.gi.mus. Just having a look at the names of the members of the committee judging  the materials,  one will immediately realize the importance and the prestige of the event: Piero Rattalino, one of the most renowned historians of piano music at an international level, the University professors Loris Azzaroni and Mario Baroni, Marco de Natale and Paolo Troncon.
As to the concerts, they will start on 6 November with piano works by Nikolaj Roslavec (on his 100th death anniversary this year) performed by Massimiliano Damerini; the concert will be introduced by a conference on the composer’s life and works held by musicologist Detlef Gojowy. On 12 November, there will be the Ethos Quartet performing works by several composers within the Belaev group in Saint Petersburg, including, apart from famous musicians as Rimskij-Korsakov, Skrjabin and Glazunov, other less known composers as Nikolaj Arčybusev, Nikolaj Sokolov, Feliks Blumenfel’d and Jazeps Vitols. Bravissima pianist Luisa Fanti – a concert player well known in the city for her several performances in the main festivals and a specialist in this specific repertoire – will dedicate her recital on 19 November to the piano works by Leopold Godowsky, Polish and naturalized American composer.
On 27 November there will take place Marino Cerutti’s performance involving works by Russian musicians of the 1920s as Evseev, Dzegëlonk, Sensin and Polovinkin; the cycle will end on 3 December with a really original concert by Stefano Malferrari (piano)= with Davide Amadei (reciting voice) featuring Nikolas Slonimiskij’s  51 Minitudes (Slonimiskij was born in 1894 and is still alive, a friend and a biographer of the greatest composers of the 20th century). It is “caricature..:” music devoted to him also on the occasion of his 100th birthday.

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