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TV report on Farinelli's stele at the Certosa of Bologna (April 1st 2000)
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The restored stele upon the grave of famous 18th singer Carlo Broschi named Farinelli was inaugurated on Sunday 1st April 2000 at 11am, at the "Chiostro Maggiore a Levante" inside the Certosa of Bologna . The initiative was promoted by the Centro Studi Farinelli within the events for Bologna 2000, thanks to the contribution of the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio in Bologna and of the Real Collegio di Spagna, under the high supervision of the Soprintendenza ai Beni Architettonici e Ambientali of Emilia Romagna and under the patronage of the Accademia Filarmonica of Bologna and of A.gi.mus. The promoter and coordinator of the event was Luigi Verdi, indefatigable animator of the cultural and musical Bolognese life. The project of the marble stele restoration was seen to by architect Vincenzo Lucchese - who also rediscovered Farinelli's grave - and was realized by Katia-Ronzani and by Luigi Tanzarella, with the cooperation of the Scuola di Scultura Applicata of Bologna (School of Applied Sculture).
Inside the just-restored Sala del Pantheon of the Certosa (Pantheon Room) at 11.30, after a short introduction of the event with the participation of Vincenzo Lucchese and Luigi Verdi, there followed a brief concert of the Ensemble da Camera (Chamber Ensemble) of Stockholm, who performed music scores of Farinelli's time. Then, at the Sala Mozart of the Accademia Filarmonica of Bologna, via Guerrazzi 13, at 17, the same ensemble (Annette Taranto, soprano, Ann Wallstrom, violin, Sven Aberg, theorbo and baroque guitar, Bernt Malmros, cello performed music pieces by Uttini, Handel, Roman and Farinelli in front of a wide audience.
Among the others, the Soprintendente ai Beni Architettonici e Ambientali dell'Emilia Romagna, Mr. Elio Garzillo, and the Rector of the Reale Collegio di Spagna, Josť Guillermo Garcia Valdecasas took part in the event.

Laura di Cera

Extract from "Alla Ribalta", Bologna, May 2000



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