Salone del Libro di Torino - 18 maggio 1991
Presentation of the collection “Tesi” edited by De Sono Associatione per la Musica, published by Passigli Editori

Luigi Verdi: Aleksandr Skrjabin, tra musica e filosofia (
Aleksandr Skrjabin: between music and philosophy)

Presentazione del libro Aleksandr Skrjabin tra musica e filosofia
In the musical culture of the early 20th century, Skrjabin has a relevant place, not only as a composer; he was also actively interested in philosophy, literature, painting, plastic art and esoteric sciences and considerably influenced his age’s aesthetic thought. Such writers as D’Annunzio and Pasternak, painters as Kandinsky, composers as Szymanowski and Gliere certainly expressed their admiration and tribute to Skrjabin’s art; the reasons why are many and sum up all cultural ferments of an age. Skrjabin’s underground influence covers all over the 20th century, parallel to the major trends (dodecaphony, neoclassicism, etc.) , and reveals itself in composers who still today deserve a better historical relevance, such as Gliere and Vasilenko in Russia, Holst in England, Szymanowski in Poland, Schreker in Germany, Obuhov and Wishnegradsky in France. In order to promote a better knowledge of Skrjabin’s work in Italy, The Associazione Culturale “Bogliasco per Skrjabin” has been founded, with seat in Bogliasco near Genoa, where Skrjabin composed most of his best-known work “Poem of ecstasy”. The essay “A.Skrjabin between music and philosophy” particularly analyzes Skrjabin’s philosophical and aesthetical writings, providing also some original unpublished Italian translations. There is also a large section about synaesthesia and the sound-colour relation which was so important in the composition of “Prometheus, Poem of fire”.  The essay must be considered as an introduction to Skrjabin’s work, it does not certainly exhaust the complexity of issues connected to the composer’s rich personality and does not aim at a musical technical analysis of his work; in this view, it would aim at being a starting point for further studies.



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