Presentation of the book “Fervore d’arte a Bologna” . Third volume of Giuseppe Martucci’s biography, by Folco Perrino (Novara, Centro Studi Martucciani) – Bologna, Accademia Filarmonica – 8 December 2002

Presentazione del libro Fervore d'arte a BolognaI am very pleased to present the book “Fervore d’Arte a Bologna” this afternoon. It is the third volume of Giuseppe Martucci’s monumental biography written by Maestro Folco Perrino, who is here with us and whom I warmly greet and thank for his presence in this event. I remind you that after this short presentation there will follow a concert with Martucci’s music performed by the Trio di Roma.
Folco Perrino founded the Centro di Studi Martucciani in Novara and is editing Martucci’s biography, which will be in 4 volumes. The Centro Studi Martucciani organizes several events dedicated to Martucci’s important figure , and in particular I would like to highlight an exhibition which has already been arranged in Capua, Martucci’s hometown, and at the Scala of Milan. We hope we will be able to have this exhibition also in Bologna, maybe in the same historical rooms of the Accademia Filarmonica of Bologna. Before listening to Maestro Perrino speaking, I would like to point out the relevance of this volume also for the history of Bologna city. As it is well known, Martucci, a paramount musician for the Italian instrumental music, spent maybe the most important period of his life right here in Bologna. Martucci had been born in Capua and he became early famous thanks to his exceptional talent as pianist, composer and orchestra conductor, so much that in 1886, when he was only 30, he was called to take the place of Luigi Mancinelli as the director of the Liceo Musicale (today Conservatorio di Musica G.B. Martini) and he indissolubly bound his name to the city. Martucci remained director of the Liceo for about 15 years and he left an ineffaceable mark in the Bolognese musical life. The Liceo was given an extraordinary boost under Martucci’s direction and became one of the most renowned music schools at an international level. It is also worth while mentioning Martucci’s activity as conductor of the Orchestra of the Teatro Comunale of Bologna, where in 1888 he conducted the first Italian performance of Wagner’s Tristan and Isolde on the occasion of the Esposizione universale emiliana and of the 8th centenary of the University. Martucci also  composed many of his most important works in Bologna. Folco Perrino’s book goes over  all the steps of Martucci’s musical presence in Bologna, dwelling also upon some less known aspects of the Bolognese life, also by means of a wide, unpublished series of documents and a rich store of rare photos. It is also worth while pointing out the third part of the rearrangement of the catalogue of Martucci’s works, and an interesting list of recordings. Before listening to Maestro Perrino speaking, I would also like to remind that Martucci was appointed honorary member of the Accademia Filarmonica of Bologna in 1887, and in 1887 he also performed a piano concert exactly in this hall.

Luigi Verdi


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