Homage to Stefano Golinelli
Bologna, Accademia Filarmonica – January 15th 2000

Omaggio a Stefano GolinelliFamous pianist and composer Stefano Golinelli was born in Bologna on 26 October 1818 and died there on 3 July 1891. Ever since was he in his early youth, he reached such a level of piano perfection that famous Ferdinando Hiller – who was passing through Bologna – defined him as  the first Italian pianist of that age on the “Revue et Gazette Musicale” of Paris. He was encouraged by Hiller himself and gave concerts all over Italy, afterwards passing through Paris, London and various cities of Germany, and everywhere he met with outstanding success and competed as to skill with the giants of the piano technique of that age. He became member of the Accademia Filarmonica of Bologna in 1836 and in 1840 was appointed piano teacher at the Liceo Musicale of Bologna by Rossini – who at that age was honorary consultant - of the same Liceo. He held that appointment until 1871 and he founded there a renowned school which, together with  the Neapolitan school founded by Thalberg and  the Milanese one founded by Angeleri, was a glorious triad.  Golinelli’s name became rightly renowned in the field of piano composition, to which he devoted most of his activity. In Golinelli’s wide production it is worth while mentioning first of all the three Sonatas, which are admirable for form, inspiration and development; it is also worth while pointing out the two collections of 24 Preludes, op. 23 and 29, which are outstanding models of elegance both from the point of view of melody and of harmony, and where Golinelli’s piano talent discloses in full.  He is one the four Bolognese musicians – together with Martini, Mattei and Rossini – whose bust was raised at the Pantheon at the Certosa. He is buried in an imposing tomb at the Certosa of Bologna next to other famous Bolognese people. On his death, Golinelli presented the Accademia Filarmonica of Bologna with his Erard piano.

Luigi Verdi



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