Homage to Stefano Gobatti
Paraphrases and fantasias upon the themes of the operas: I Goti and Luce
Bergantino, Auditorium of the Palazzo Municipale – 10 September 1999

Omaggio a Stefano Gobatti A warm greeting to all from the Accademia Filarmonica of Bologna, who has been working with the Comune di Bergantino for a few years in order to realize many events dedicated to Stefano Gobatti. In 1998 at the Accademia Filarmonica of Bologna two concerts with Gobatti’s music were organized, in April  with some singers of the Teatro Comunale of Bologna who sang famous arias from the Goti, and in November with artists of the Conservatoire Buzzolla of Adria, who performed a programme similar to today’s programme, that is some paraphrases and transcriptions from Gobatti’s operas I Goti and Luce. The same programme was then performed in March 1999 at the assembly hall of the same Adria Conservatoire. The exhibition arranged at the Teatro Comunale of Bologna in April 1999 was greatly relevant, and it was sided by a study meeting in the theatre foyer. The exhibition already arranged at the Teatro Comunale of Bologna now is in Bergantino, with some additional material.
Therefore, the working together between Bologna and Bergantino has been very fruitful in the last two years, and in the future it may be possibile to make the dream of a scene staging of the Goti at the Teatro Comunale of Bologna come true, in the same theatre where the opera had a memorable success in 1873. The success was such that in few years several composers transcribed  paraphrased its most famous pages; this evening’s concert presents some of these compositions, written by 19th century important composers who in this way wanted to pay homage to the author of the Goti.



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