Karol Pahor in Bologna, in "Pahorjev Zbornik", uredil Edo Skulj, Ljubljana, Akademija za glasbo 2005
", pp.27-31.

Karol  Pahor got the diploma of Violin at the Liceo Musicale of Bologna. The Archives of the Liceo Musicale of Bologna, today ę G.B. Martini Ľ State Music Conservatoire hold the documents of the Violin  Final Diploma, which Karol Pahor got on 22 June 1923. The documents include : 1) the application form ; 2) the examination record ; 3) the letter asking for the returning of the documents ; 4) the register of documents. Together with the performing of five pieces drawn by lot among the ones selected in the programme, the exam also included the study of a piece with three hour-seclusion time, first-sight reading and transposition. Pahor took a very brilliant exam and got an excellent marking in the violin, while he passed the complementary exams of General musical culture with a quite good marking. Karol Pahorís examining committee included violin teachers Angelo Consolini and Federico Barera, celloist Arturo Bonucci and bassist Ugo Marchetti. The committee was presided over by famous composer Franco Alfano. Some members of the committee were members of the famous Bolognese Quartetto, who had often performed in Trieste and in Lubiana. At the time of the exam, Pahor was 27 years old ; it was probably thanks to the reputation of the Bolognese school, together with some acquaintances of his, probably with Mario Vitetta, Bolognese pupil of Consoliniís, and later on concertist and teacher at the Liceo Tartini of Trieste, that Pahor was led to take the exam in Bologna.

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