Luigi Verdi: Dettagli e ritagli per pianoforte (2000)
Pianoforte: Daniele Buccio CD Bongiovanni
(GB 5165-2)

Presentazione: Bologna, Museo internazionale e biblioteca della musica, con Luca Belloni e Giovanni Guanti (8 ottobre 2011).

di Luca Belloni

I met Luigi Verdi back in 1992 when, out of an apparently daring choice, I moved from the Milan Conservatoire (where – as a strange coincidence -  today Luigi teaches) to Adria Conservatoire. At first sight daring, my choice has proved to be a providential opportunity thanks to my meeting this strange teacher. To start with, I was impressed by the willingness with which Luigi put the rich range of scores and audio recordings at his pupils’ disposal. Just a few lessons were enough to realize that this helpful Maestro was also a (not only musically) deeply learned person and an original and unmistakably voiced composer.
During these years I have been lucky (or – in a more refined language – privileged) to witness the birth of Luigi’s important essay on non-tonal harmony. I remember with pleasure the conversations (where we frequently held opposite views) upon the most varied themes, from the aesthetics to the interpretation of the history and the evolution of musical style. To Luigi I owe the first public  performance of one of my works, here in Bologna, and I know that a wide number of pupils and forme pupils of his could say the same.
After my diploma in Composition, my relationship to Luigi has also changed into a professional collaboration between interpreter and composer. This has allowed me to further deepen my knowledge of his composing style and to appreciate the beauty of his music, which is often hidden under the “tough kernel” of a perfected as well as available technique.



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