Bibliografia Skrjabiniana, in “Slavia”, III, 1994, pp.136-92, distributed in U.S.A. by the Skrjabin Society of America.

The main biographical sources regarding Alexander Scriabin, besides those written by the composer himself, came from the evidence of his many friends and biographers. A certain wealth of biographical and critical items in the years immediately following Scriabin's death was followed by a long period of weary repetition. Between the 60's and 70's there was a remarkable revival of interest in Scriabin, and his musical work became the subject of meticulous analysis; in the 70's the specialized studies of Scriabin's harmonic language increased like that of few other composers. On a wave of renewed interest during the 80's some essays came to light that, for their completeness of explanations and accuracy, both scientifically and methodologically, there was no precedent. Particularly important is the contribution of doctoral dissertations originating in many American universities. The Russian bibliography is much richer and more articulate than those for other composers.
In Italy musicological interest in Scriabin is rather small compared with that in Russia, other European countries, and the United States; Italy's contributions to the musicological study of Scriabin remained rather limited until the 80's when there was a certain revival of interest in this subject. The bibliography, exceptionally replete, comprises around 700 titles including monographs, essays and scattered articles. The subjects dealt with, besides those strictly musical, are found in numerous other aspects of cultural life: literature, art, history, philosophy, politics, customs, esoteric science, psychology, linguistics. The bibliography is presented in chronological order. For each year the entries are arranged on the basis of the authors' surnames, according to the order of the Latin alphabet. In general, this bibliography does not include:

  • References contained in essays that do not contain chapters (items) specifically dedicated to Scriabin (unless the references are particularly long and significant).

  • The entry specifically inserted in the dictionary, "History of Music" and general entries of music of the 20th century.

  • The prefaces found in the scores of Scriabin's music.

  • The introductions quoted on record jackets or booklets included in record cases.

  • The program notes from concerts of Scriabin's music.

  • Reviews and analyses of concerts published in daily papers (The articles appearing in papers, when Scriabin was still living number a few hundred).

  • Reviews of books dedicated to Scriabin.

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