L’eredità dell’archivio di Padre Martini e Padre Mattei (The heritage of Father Martini’s and Father Mattei’s Archives), in “Martini docet” atti del Convegno organizzato dal Conservatorio “G.B. Martini” in occasione del 200° anniversario della fondazione. Bologna 2004

Much has been written on the subject of Giovanni Battista Martini’s and Stanislao Mattei’s musical archives; yet, some aspects have never been fully made clear. I particularly refer to the circumstamces linked to Father Mattei’s will and to the 45 years between his death (1825) and and the handing over the Archives to the Comune of Bologna (1870). Father Mattei’s will (1820), discovered in the Archivio Generale Arcivescovile (General Archbishopry Archives) in Bologna, together with one Memoria sopra la Musica Mattei (Memoire upon Mattei’s Music, 1838), kept in the Raccolta Malvezzi (Malvezzi Collection) of the Archiginnasio, permit to better highlight the whole matter. Some other documents, kept at the Archivio Storico (Historical Archives) of the Comune of Bologna, confirms that no object  in Martini’s Archives ever belonged to the Accademia Filarmonica, who on the contrary claimed its possession several times, and sued the Comune but finally lost the suit (1869).  

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