Per un archivio di musiche su testi carducciani, in "Qual musica attorno a Giosuč", a  cura di Piero Mioli Nel centenario della morte di Giosuč Carducci, Bologna, Pŕtron 2009, pp.127-160.

The catalogued compositions written on Giosuč Carducci poetical texts amount to 376, but the catalogue cannot be considered as complete at all; some titles may not have been identified, especially as regards the most recent ones. Apart from the scores held at Casa Carducci in Bologna, which are the largest part (about 120), the other scores are held in various Italian (or a few foreign) libraries, mainly at the Conservatoires of Milan, Naples and Rome, at the Bibliomediateca of the Accademia Nazionale of Santa Cecilia and at the Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale of Florence.

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