Nel 1913 a colpi di targhe, busti e lapidi (In 1913, by means of plaques, busts and memorial tablets), in "Sonata a tre 1867-1871. Verdi, Wagner e Bologna. 1813-2013", a cura di Piero Mioli, Lucca Lim 2013, pp. 475-586.

The Historical Archives of the Municipality of Bologna hold a rich series of documents about a contentious which considerably excited the Bolognese context at the beginning of the 20th century. The topic was: “Plaques at the Teatro Comunale in the honour of Riccardo Wagner and Giuseppe Verdi”. Among the main leaders of the excitement wave there was Alfredo Bonora, composer and musical historian, President of the Bolognese Wagnerian Society at that time, and tireless promoter of Wagnerian events, amont which the proposal to place a plaster plaque commemorating Richard Wagner by sculptor Saverio Montaguti in the hall of the Teatro Comunale: a 1906’s resolution by the town council  provided that a similar plaque in the honour of Verdi would be placed; however, at first this was not carried out as Verdi’s supporters were not as organized as Bonora’s Wagnerian Society.

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